Thursday, 1 March 2018

Oddcast number seven

The gang discuss how historical wargamers can find inspiration in works of fiction and how the line between the two often blurs.  Meanwhile Sidney admits to making things up.  
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Blitzkrieg in the West - the BEF

Blitzkrieg in the West – The BEF is the fourth Handbook for version 3 of IABSM and the second of several covering the early war in the West.  It covers the British Expeditionary Force from 1939 to the fall of France in 1940

This incredibly detailed guide to British forces from the pen of Robert Avery is 75 pages in size and is packed with data, including the following British forces:

  • The Infantry Company
  • The Infantry Battalion Carrier Platoon
  • The Motor Infantry Company
  • The Motor Infantry Scout Car Platoon
  • The Motor Infantry Motorcycle Company
  • The Line of Communication Infantry Company
  • The Pioneer Infantry Company
  • The Searchlight Infantry Troop
  • The Divisional Cavalry Squadron
  • The Armoured Car Squadron
  • An Infantry Company from Saar Force
  • A Tank Squadron from 4RTR
  • A Tank Squadron from 7RTR
  • Parkes Force
  • A Paper-Strength Armoured Squadron from 1st Armoured Division
  • A Tank Squadron from the Queen's Bays
  • A Tank Squadron from 10th Royal Hussars
  • A Tank Squadron from 2RTR
  • A Tank Squadron from 5RTR
  • A Best Guess Tank Squadron from 3RTR
  • A Motor Infantry Company at Calais
  • A QVR Motorcycle Company at Calais
  • The Guards at Boulogne
  • An Infantry Company from A Brigade
  • An Infantry Company from B Brigade
  • An Infantry Company from C Brigade

With additional sections on the Second British Expeditionary Force, other British independent formations, fielding British forces, rating your forces and a comprehensive armoury.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Swamp Fox

The Swamp Fox is a supplement for Sharp Practice which presents twelve scenarios and nine unique campaign backgrounds for the career of Francis Marion, one of the rebellion’s greatest and most celebrated leaders.

Ideal for Sharp Practice, Marion led his small band of men through the swamps of South Carolina, emerging to strike against Crown forces and slipping away when threatened by unfavourable odds.

This supplement contains twelve varied scenarios based on historical actions and provides a complete Georgetown campaign system which can see multiple campaigns being  run.  A minimum of five campaigns will combine to create a complete narrative of Marion’s exploits in South Carolina in 1780 and 1781.  

The supplement contains an historical backdrop to appraise the reader of the situation in the South and Marion’s role.  It provides complete Army Rosters and support list options to allow you to run the campaigns provided or to create your own.

Oddcast Number Six   It's Oddcast Six, but the file name says 7.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Blitzkrieg in the West – The Armies of France

Blitzkrieg in the West – The Armies of France is the third Handbook for version 3 of IABSM and the first of several covering the early war in the West.  It covers the French Army from 1939 to the fall of France in 1940

This incredibly detailed guide to French forces from the pen of Robert Avery is 73 pages in size, this is packed with data, including the following French forces:
Infantry Divisions

  • Infantry Company
  • GRDI Cavalry Squadron
  • GRDI Motorcycle Squardon
Motorised Infantry Divisions

  • Motorised Infantry Company
  • DIM Motorcycle Company
  • GRDIM Motorcycle Squadron
  • GRDIM AMD Squadron
  • GRDIM AMR Squadron
Independent Tank Formations

  • Independent Tank Company (R-35, H-35, D-2 or fCM-36)
  • Independent Tank Company (FT-17)
Colonial Infantry

  • North African and Foreign Legion formations 
Light Cavalry Divisions
  • Cavalry Squadron
  • Mechanised Dragoon Fusiliers
  • Dragoon Mixed Reconnaissance Squadron
  • RAM AMD Squadron
  • RAM AMC Squadron
  • RAM Motorcycle Squadron
Cavalry & Spahis

  • The Cavalry Squadron
Corps Reconnaissance Groups

  • GRCA Cavalry Squadron
  • GRCA Motorcycle Squadron
  • GRCAm Motorcycle Squadron
Light Mechanised Divisions

  • Tank Squadron
  • RDP Mechanised Dragoon AMR Squadron
  • RDP Mechanised Dragoon Fusilier Squadron
  • RDP Mechanised Dragoon Motorcycle
  • RD AMD Squadron
  • RD Motorcycle Squadron
Reserve Armoured Division

  • DCR Heavy Tank Company
  • DCR Light Tank Company
  • BCP Fusilier Company
With additional sections on fielding French forces and rating your forces.  PDF format only.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Oddcast Number Five

Episode Five of the Oddcast is now available, with Rich and Nick joining Sidney in the studio to discuss how they undertake research when embarking on developing a set of rules. All of the usual features are there, with a look at what’s on the workbench and a trip to the library. 

Available here on Libsyn or if you prefer it's also available on YouTube.