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Official Force Lists for WWII

  Poland 1939

Winter War 1939

France 1940

The Desert War

Barbarossa 1941

 Far East

Chain of Command Espana


  • Some draft lists for CoC can be found here on Dropbox.  Most of them are drafts from Richard Clarke, the rules author.  I try to keep them up to date, but this is not always possible, and they should not be looked upon as "official" lists. 



2013 Summer

  • Who Pulled his Chain -  Richard talks about Chain of Command
  • Scenario Seven - A scenario for Chain of Command         
  • Playing Chain of Command with Platoon Forward - Combining Chain of Command with the Platoon Forward campaign system.
  • Random Events in Chain of Command
  • One Dark Night:  Don’t Panic! -  Scenario British Home Guard vs a German U-Boat landing.
  • Hell & Heroism - Chain of Command scenarios for French vs Germans in 1940.
  • Chain of Command Espanya - Rules for using CoC the Spanish Civil War
  • Carros Blindados, Autoametrelladoras & Tizanos - Impromptu armoured vehicles in the first year of the Spanish Civil War
  • Hens, Chicks & Spanish Drivers - Tanks and Armoured Cars in Chain of Command Espanya.

2014 Summer

  •  Westwind - A complete Chain of Command mini-campaign set in East Prussia 1945
  •  Robin Hood's Black Gold - Home Guard versus Fallschirmjager mini campaign for Chain of Command based on original defence plans for Nottinghamshire.
  • Big CoC in Africa - A report of a post-colonial Africa adaptation for Chain of Command which has been impressing the Australian show circuit.
  •  It's the Chindits!  - A great new list for Chain of Command with several Chindit force options and three distinct support lists for the varying operations undertaken.  There's a smashing little scenario added on to give them a run out too.
  • Circle the Wagons -  A Chain of Command scenario for fighting in Benouville in June 1944.
  • Strawberries for Elephants -   A spectacular full campaign for Chain of Command set on the Dyle Line in 1940. 
 2014 Christmas
  • Cocking Up Through the Mud and the Blood -  a merger between Chain  of  Command  and Through  the  Mud  and  the Blood brings CoC to Great  War  gaming.
  • Last Train to Fischhausen -  April  1945,  a  scenario  for Chain  of  Command  on  the Eastern  Front.  
  • Bloody November - a Pint‐Sized campaign  for  Madrid  in  1936 using  Chain  of  Command España.  
  • Kaiserschlacht 1918 - a  Great  War  Pint‐Sized”  campaign  for  Through the Mud and the Blood or the Chain of Command Great War adaptation.  

2015 Summer 

  • Blitz  to  Boulogne -  A  Chain  of Command  mini-campaign  for  the Welsh Guards defending Boulogne in 1940  against  the  cream  of  the Panzer Divisions 
  2015 Christmas 
  • Malaya 1942 - a Chain of Command campaign set in the jungls of Malaya.  Australians vs Japanese.
  • Chain of Command Abyssinia: tactical notes.
  • “The Reccies”:  A  look at the British Reconnaissance Corps dsuring WWII and how to represent them in I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and Chain of Command.   
  • The Devil’s Garden: A Western Desert scenario for Chain of Command using the Reconnaissance Corps lists.
  •  Chain of Command Undead Paranormal:  Zobies in Chain of Command.
  •  Division Azul: A guide to the Spanish Blue Division, lists for Chain of Command and a scenario

Oddcast 35

  The gang get together to talks about what they've been up to and to discuss the hot topic of the day:  Is Historical Wargaming Dying?