Dux Britanniarum Resources

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2012 Summer Special

  • Migrating Dux - Using the Dux Britanniarum rules in other settings.
  • On a Saxon Shore - Bonus Raid scenario for Dux Britanniarum 
  • Meaty Dux - Optional rules for Dux Britanniarum campaigns 

2012 Christmas

  • Sea Wolves – Rules and scenarios for Dux Britanniarum in the Age of Vikings -
  • Swedish Dux - Dux Britanniarum in Sweden. 
  • Lovely Weather for Dux - Weather in Dux Britanniarum. 

2013 Summer

  • If You go Down to the Woods Today - Terrain in Dux Britanniarum. 
  • Double Dux - Multi-player gaming with Dux Britanniarum.
2014 Summer
  • Seven Spears - conversion for using Samurai with Dux Britanniarum. 
2014 Christmas
  • 4D6 Shades of Green - Terrain for Raiders
2015 Christmas
  • Now That's What I call Magic - Plausible Dark Age Magic for Dux and The Raiders 
  • Sacker of Cities - A Trojan War Adaptation for Dux Britanniarum