Artscow Cards for Lardy Games

A number of contributors to the TooFatLardies Yahoo Group have made packs of cards available for other people to buy through the print on demand service Artscow. This page is an attempt to compile a list of what’s available there.

Bag The Hun – Cards by Jimbo
Bag The Hun – Cards by Graham Riddle (Generic Axis and Allied decks with a Battle of Britain theme)
B'Maso - Congo 1960s - Joe Collins

B'Maso - Modern - Joe Collins  (I only have Rebels finished as of now.  Maybe one day I will be inspired to finish off the Government and Interventionists decks.)

Charlie Dont’ Surf – Cards by T van der Burgt
Charlie Don’t Surf – Cards by Graham Riddle (no pics or on-card rules – colour coded for easy identification):
Charlie Don’t Surf- cards by Brian Weathersby

Charlie Don't Surf - Joe Collins
I Aint Been Shot Mum (generic Axis and Allied) – Cards by Graham Riddle Each set includes blank cards to add more if you need to, plus there’s a pack entirely consisting of blank cards.
I Aint Been Shot Mum  (generic German and US for ETO) – Cards by T van der Burgt
I Aint Been Shot Mum (Battle of the Bulge) – Cards by T van der Burgt
I Ain't Been Shot, Mum - Falklands - Joe Collins

If The Lord Spares Us - Joe Collins

Kiss Me Hardy – Cards by Graham Riddle
Sharp Practice (first edition) – Cards by Jonathan Davenport
Sharp Practice (first edition) – Cards by  Steve Burt
They Couldn't Hit An Elephant - Battles of Carthage; Wilsons Creek; & Fredericktown, in Missouri, 1861 - Joe Collins

Through The Mud And The Blood - unknown
    Through The Mud And The Blood – Cards by Adrian Jarvis
    Through the Mud & Blood - Anglo-Irish War & Irish Civil War - Joe Collins
    Troops Weapons and Tactics  - Cards by Evan from the Yahoo Group
    • TW&T Deck 1 (Unit Cards): This is the first required deck and supports up to a reinforced platoon. It contains 4 squads, 2 support, 2 tanks, 2 anti-tanks and 5 big men (with Tactical Initiative cards) for both Axis and Allies. This deck (along with Deck 2, below) is sufficient to play 95% of TW&T scenarios. The Tactical Initiative cards have been selected according to how common the Big Man Grade is for all the nations in the rulebook. 
    • TW&T Deck 2 (Scenario Cards): This is the second required deck and contains all the national characteristic cards and scenario cards (blinds move, tea break etc). It also contains the #6 big man for both Axis and Allies. 
    • TW&T Deck 3 (Reinforcements): This is an optional deck. It reinforces each side to two platoons. Combined with Deck 1, this gives you a total of 6 squads (i.e. 2 platoons), 4 support (1 platoon), 5 tanks (1 platoon) and 12 big men (with Tactical Initiative cards). This deck is really for bigger, convention games (or if you just want to have more TI cards!).