Saturday, 16 July 2016

Summer Special 2016

Introduction The usual waffle from the less-than-dynamic duo. 
Death Road to Corunna Alfredo Vitaller & chums from Club dragon in Madridpresent a chilly Napoleonic campaign for Sharp Practice  
A Fast & Dirty Guide to Tactics Playing Sharp Practice and looking for top tactical tips?  Look no further.
Let’s All Get Equally Confused Two Operation Torch scenarios for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum from Charles Eckart in the USA
Team Desobry Men of the midlands, Ade and Al, head for the Ardennes as Team Desobry defend Noville in December 1944 with Chain of Command
109 Beat It Jim Jackaman takes on the Hun over northern France with Bag the Hun
George Washington’s Indian War Simon Walker applied his war-paint and looks at this little known but rather spiffing war for Sharp Practice.
On the Trail of Fort Jefferson  A scenario for the above conflict.
Our Moccasins Trickled Blood. Another Indian War scenario.  You know that they say, red moccasins…
At the Sharp End…of the Runway Some campaign ideas for Bag the Hun from James Crate in the US of A.
Binky Faversham’s Guide to Banter Tally Ho chaps, Caribou nibbling on the croquet hoops, Scramble!  Binky makes sense of banter from his high security psychiatric institution
The Company Commander in Big Chain of Command Len Tracey suggests uses for the main man in large games of CoC. 
Matching Scale and Wargames La Roundwood introduces us to fine are and even finer figures for the Thirty Years War
The Japanese Army 1936-42 A guide to Japanese tactics from Len Tracey in Australia.              
George of the Jungle An IABSM scenario set in Burma in 1945 and starring George Macdonald Fraser.
A Fighting Withdrawal A Dunkirk perimeter campaign for Chain of Command.  Can you save the BEF? 
Itching to Mix It The Hun are raiding Swanage.  It was the last time anyone went there out of choice. 
America’s First D-Day Charles Eckart presents a US-Mexican War amphibious landing. 
Kernow’s Corner A last-ditch fight for the DCLI as they stand up to the German Spring Offensive of 1918.  A Muddy CoC scenario. 
Tanks in the Wire The NVA attack a US Special Forces camp in 1968  A scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf from Ross Bowrage.
It was just my Imagi-Nation… An introduction to Big Rich’s Seven Years War project.
The Khazi is Revolting An Indian Mutiny Scenario from the Deep Fried Lard Games Day.  Can you get the Major Piles Relief Column through in time?
Saving the Honourable “Tootles” Ash A cinematic adventure into WWII with a  rescue mission for Chain of Command.
The Roundwood Report Sidney discusses firing mechanisms and much else with Big Rich.
Creating Facts on the Ground Fighting the Six Day War Lardy Style with Robert Avery