Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Special 2016

  • Top Gun: A Briefing with Johnny Danger. We look at tactics in Bag the Hun 
  • I Should be so Plucky: An Introduction to A Mere Question of Pluck 
  • A Mere Question of Pluck: A complete set of rules for the Second Boer War. Some said they were just a myth, but here we set them free, at long, long last. 
  • Yes, we Have No Talanas: Two introductory Boer War scenarios, Talana Hill and Elandslaagte 
  • Bagging Bob the Nailer: Lucknow 1857 and Simon Walker looks at this classic Indian Mutiny encounter for Sharp Practice 
  • Viva Ras Begus! Elvis may have left the building, but the spirit of the King lives on in the musical extravaganza that was our Sharp Practice display game on the show circuit this year. Big Rich talks about building the game in two weeks and his approach generally to show games. 
  • Chain of Command: Russia 1942 to 1943. A whole raft of lists from the pen of Richard Morrill. If you want to go East, this is where to start with 39 pages of forces to choose from. 
  • Cold Enough to Freeze Your TW&T Off. We head for the Winter War as the Russians and Finns shape up for an encounter with Troops, Weapons & Tactics. 
  • Hot Sausage, Cold TW&T. A Winter War scenario 
  • Out of the Frying Pan: A Normandy scenario for IABSM from Mike Whittaker. 
  • The Roundwood Report. Sidney questions Rich about Command & Control in wargames and the recipe for Lard Island Iced Tea is, at last, unveiled.